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    My wife got a job at a corporate office in the city of Sandy Springs. We needed to move to cut the commute time. This was a great opportunity for the both of us. It was double the pay she was making at her last job. I work for one of the online giants and have been working from home for several years now. I can work anywhere there is Internet access. We started looking for apartments for Sandy Springs suburbs. We did not want to live right in the city, but we did want to be close. No one likes an hour drive to and from work every day.

    We are not city people. We like neighborhoods with trees and lawns. We were thinking about renting a house, but we decided an apartment would be best. Neither one of us had the time for doing mowing and landscaping. Plus, the apartments for Sandy Springs have the same amount of floor space of any house we would have been renting anyway. The apartment building we moved to is really nice. Everything is new or looks like new. It is very well maintained. Our apartment was sparkling clean when we saw it for the first time. We did not have to clean anything before moving in. The last place we moved to required three days of cleaning to get rid of all of the leftovers from the last tenant. Not here, they really keep these apartments nice.

    We enjoy the resort style swimming pool, and we even have garage parking for our cars. They have a nice fitness center with free weights and cardio machines as well. We no longer have to pay for a gym membership for the both of us. It is included at the apartment where we live. We like our neighbors, the building and the grounds. It was a good choice to move here.

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