• An Apartment Complex That is for the Dogs

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    September 25, 2016 /  Real Estate

    When I started looking at Toledo Ohio apartments, I only looked at the ones where I was able to have my two dogs with me. While most apartments will now let a tenant have one or two dogs, there are usually weight restrictions on them. Since I have two lab mastiffs, that just didn’t work out in my favor at all. Ames is 130 pounds, and Goopster is 150 pounds. They are the friendliest dogs ever, but it was a challenge finding the right apartment for us. As soon as I looked at Perrys Crossing, I knew that I had found our next home.

    I was so happy when I saw that there were no weight restrictions on dogs, and that I would be able to have both of them there with no problems. I would have kept looking for another place otherwise, because they are my family. This is really a dog friendly environment too because there are plenty of places to walk both of them right there on the complex grounds. There is so much more there too. While my dogs are a huge part of my life, I am also a pretty athletic person on my own. They don’t mind being left in the apartment for a few hours while I go out on my own.

    Having an apartment here means that I am able to stay right on the grounds so I am not too far from my dogs. There are so many things for me to do here. There is a really nice swimming pool, but there is also a sand volleyball court, tennis beds, walking trails, and more. There are even tanning beds and a fitness trainer here as well as a garage, which definitely comes in handy in the harsh winters. I just never thought I would find such a nice place to live with my dogs!

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