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    We like a nice place to live that does not require any extra upkeep. This is why we we preferred to find apartments in Santa Fe for rent that did not have wall to wall carpeting. We wanted nice laminate flooring throughout. It is so much easier to care for. You can just touch it up with a dust mop or one of those little mops that have the pads and the liquid floor cleaner sprayer. No need to have a carpet cleaning company come in once or twice a year to clean the wall to wall stuff.

    We have a rug in front of our couch and small ones at each side of the bed. The Las Palomas apartments where we rent from are comfortable. And being that it is in New Mexico, we do not have to worry about any cold floors like we would up north. I can see having carpeting if you are in a climate where it gets really cold. I would like that under my feet then too. However, there is nothing to cleaning floor surfaces when you have laminates or hardwoods. The open design of our floor plan makes for quick and easy cleaning too. Having big closets means we can keep all of our stuff put away too.

    Our place is always ready to invite someone in. We do not have to tidy up to not be embarrassed about our apartment. There are no plastic bins in the bedroom storing our overflow items, and the kitchen counters are not crowded with stuff. The entire apartment looks bright and airy with its light-colored flooring that shines like a diamond. I like it a whole lot here. The big swimming pool outside also really adds to the charm of the place. It is so nice to take a swim on a hot day after work.

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