• We Decided to Get the Whole Thing Replaced

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    My wife and I had our small children to think of for many years instead of making our home look fancy. We live in what was a very basic home, and we were happy with that while we saved our money toward upgrading the house at a later time. But our kids are much older now, and we’ve saved some money to do upgrades. We were ready. I began looking into roof repair in Brooklyn NY recently, and after seeing some of the beautiful examples of the work one company did, we asked them to replace all the shingles on our roof. But we ended up changing our mind later.

    We had typical roof shingles on our home. We were always happy with that. But after I went through all of the roofing contractor’s before and after photos, I realized that getting a tin roof put on would add sales value to our home. We didn’t plan on selling immediately, but we had talked about doing it.five years down the road. Instead of repairing the the generic shingles on our roof, We decided to go ahead and do the full replacement so that we wouldn’t have to worry about it later. We had it done, and it really gives our home our home curb appeal.. Many neighbors have stopped by to say how much they like it.

    After the work was completed, we realized that our roof was so nice that it did not match the very shabby paint on the house. My wife and I went down to a local home improvement store and sorted through all the paint chips until we found a color that we thought would be beautiful with the new work that had been done on the house. We love coming home to see what our house looks like every night when we get home from work.

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