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    March 9, 2017 /  Clothing & Fashion

    I really enjoy sea glassing. I love being outside, on the beach in search of treasure. For me sea glassing goes on all year round. Even on a blustery winter day there is glass to be collected. I think nothing of putting on a coat, hat and gloves and boots and heading out. Just because the temperature changes it doesn’t mean that the sea glass stops. I have found some fabulous items in the winter. Another thing about winter is that only real die-hard sea glassers will be out in the cold so you may actually find more. Once I find the glass I bring it home and clean and sort it. I used to sort by color. It wasn’t until I wanted to make a brown sea glass pendant that I realized I had made a mistake. Not only should I have been sorting by color but also by quality of the sea glass, and size. So what I do is keep all the sea glass that isn’t jewelry quality together, no matter the size. I can use it in different crafts. The jewelry quality glass I sort by size. I also keep teenie tiny pieces of sea glass to the side, I put all the whites, greens and browns together. I use these to fill glass vials. This way I know exactly where to look for what I want to use. I also tend to keep finer pieces of sea glass, the blues and reds and pastels that are jewelry quality out on the side of my work bench along with any new beads and findings I purchase. It’s amazing how many times I have glanced over at them and come up with a creative ideas in which to use them.

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